Movie review the king s speech

Biography the story of king george vi of the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland, his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy while preparing the film, the production knew that having some key cast would help the movie get made. Living life without being able to speak easily and fluently is more than just a mere trial relaying even the simplest thought is grueling—as well as frustrating and sometimes embarrassing well-meaning but patronizing family members offer all manner of useless advice regarding elocution speech therapists fill your mouth. The king's speech is a good movie, but it might have been an even better movie if it had been about geoffrey rush's character rather than colin firth's. The king's speech tells the story of the man who became king george vi, the father of queen elizabeth ii after his brother abdicates, george review by juicy this movie is cool and historical and all and colin firth is a god but social network is one of the best films of all timeyou dont got.

'the king's speech' is a competent oscar-baiting historical drama, but does the film stammer too much for the mainstream moviegoer however, despite being a competent and beautiful film, is director tom hooper's movie too stuffy to provide mainstream moviegoers with a satisfying trip to the box office. The king's speech movie reviews & metacritic score: based on the true story of the queen of england's father and his remarkable friendship with maverick aust. It's the sort of thing we do awf'ly well the king's speech extends a loose succession of royal films – mrs brown and the queen are its forerunners – that reflect the cockeyed vision of class in our sceptred isle it is a vision skewed between an old deference to the quality and a newer democratic resistance. Amazoncom: the king's speech: colin firth, helena bonham carter, geoffrey rush, guy pearce, tom hooper, iain canning, emile sherman, gareth unwin the part of the movie not mentioned by the reviews i read: that this is a movie about the traumatized citizenry of the uk, reluctant to go into a second world war.

The king's speech, starring colin firth is fraught and fascinating with some excellent performances, says sukhdev sandhu. The king's speech is a 2010 british historical drama film directed by tom hooper and written by david seidler colin firth plays the future king george vi who, to cope with a stammer, sees lionel logue, an australian speech and language therapist played by geoffrey rush the men become friends as they work together,.

'the king's speech' is an ugly distortion of history in a critically and commercially disappointing year for the film industry, one of the few highlights has been the reception given to the king's speech the movie has been nominated for just about every existing award, and a bevy of oscar nominations are. Some films are known as game-changers this is not one of those films it is a don't-change-the-game-er, or yet a jolly-well-change-it-back-er: a traditionally mounted, handsomely furnished british period movie, available at a cinema near you in dead-level 2d set in the 1920s and 30s, it is populated by. Superb drama about overcoming fears is fine for teens read common sense media's the king's speech review, age rating, and parents guide.

It isn't exactly “pygmalion,” not least because mr hooper has no intention of satirizing the caste system that is one of this movie's biggest draws unlike “the queen,” a barbed look at the royal family after the death of diana, princess of wales, “the king's speech” takes a relatively benign view of the. Colin firth and geoffrey rush, as prince and speech therapist, are marvelous in ' the king's speech,' a moving and remarkable story of friendship and triumph. All critics on the king's speech: the_kings_speech/ wtf homepage: html wtf on twit. The king's speech delivers solid drama with a rousing climax - a fully satisfying and uplifting period piece that achieves its dramatic potential without sacrificing historical accuracy unless you count hitler, who is seen from afar, the narrative.

Movie review the king s speech

It perhaps started with the queen, continued with young victoria and now achieves the most intimate glimpse inside the royal camp to date with the king's speech each of these films features a mesmerizing central performance although speech requires shared billing, with no disrespect to geoffrey. Available on dvd/blu-ray, plus trailers and reviews for the king's speech the big winner at the 2011 academy awards (best film, actor, director and screenplay), the king's speech stars helena bonham carter as queen elizabeth and colin firth as king george vi.

  • The king's speech won the cadillac people's choice award at this year's toronto international film festival (previous winners include bella and slumdog millionaire), and like similar films with populist appeal, it both embraces its feel- good intentions and wears them on its sleeve if it avoids the critical.
  • Instead, the king's speech — a crowning achievement powered by a dream cast — digs vibrant human drama out of the dry dust of history king george vi (colin king and commoner lionel is a failed actor given to grand gestures, and rush chows down on this feast of a role, jolting the movie to life.

If the king's speech risks being too cute by half in its depiction of how this royal without a voice comes to find one in his nation's hour of need, hooper and yet amidst all the ballyhoo about hooper's film as the social network's chief rival for oscar gold, few if any have noted the extent to which the two movies orbit a. Read the empire review of the king's speech find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination. I was very slow to see the movie the king's speech i had wanted to see it for many months after i read my first review in late 2010 i am overjoyed with having seen it it is a movie i will watch many times i enjoyed it that much as i watched the movie, i drew many parallels between the sometimes despicable ways speech. Reviews the king's speech is a textbook oscar best picture contender: a fascinating but largely unknown true story set within the private realm of the british royal family a droll and spirited comedy of clashing cultures an inspirational drama of overcoming a handicap and a movie with art-house.

movie review the king s speech If the king's speech isn't the year's best film, it's floating up there in the top 10, somewhere in the top five it may even be the best trad.
Movie review the king s speech
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