The origin and history of the dulcimer

the origin and history of the dulcimer Because few historical records of the dulcimer exist, the origins of the instrument were open to speculation until recently when ralph lee smith and l alan smith reconstructed the instrument's history by analyzing older dulcimers the organological development of the dulcimer divides into three periods: transitional (1700.

Dulcimer background the origin of the dulcimer is as elusive as its haunting sound two types of instrument stake claim to the name—both have different shapes history the history of both dulcimers is confused because they were developed to play folk music and sprang up independently in a number of locations in. The dulcimer seems to have originated in the late eighteenth century the banjo appeared after the civil war and the guitar came into the picture about 1900 the usual traditional method for playing the dulcimer was to place it on one's lap and strum across the three or four strings with the finger or a small willow switch or a. Mountain communities have always been an amalgamation of people with varying origins and backgrounds the history of the dulcimer in hindman and, in the larger picture, appalachia is both old and deep with roots tracing back all the way to the “scheitholts” and “zitters” of the earliest german settlers. The early history of the dulcimer is closely linked to another instrument called a psaltery both instruments the strings of the psaltery are plucked with the fingers, while dulcimer strings are struck with small mallets or hammers there is no doubt that the interpretation of a tune is influenced by the country of its origin. Define dulcimer: a stringed instrument of trapezoidal shape played with light hammers held in the hands the first of two sessions begins at 1 pm with mountain dulcimer instruction, followed by hammered dulcimer instruction at 3 pm instruments will be on hand for individuals who do origin and etymology of dulcimer. Founded in hungary in 1991 the cimbalom world association exists to support and promote cimbalom music in the world and to develop and increase the popularity of this whole family of instruments the cwa aims to bring together artists who play cimbalom and similar instruments like yangqin, santur,.

At the berkeley dulcimer gathering you choose 3 out of 12 classes taught by 5 teachers, with subjects including repertoire, dulcimer history, and technique dusty serves as a moderator at the immensely popular website friends of the mountain dulcimer, founded and leads the monthly river city dulcimers gathering in. The dulcimer belongs to a family of instruments characterized as fretted zithers a zither is an instrument where the fretboard runs along the entire length of the instrument the german zither known as a scheitholt is closest in style to the appalachian dulcimer the scheitholt probably originated in medieval times and was. History of the dulcimer the mountain dulcimer is a true american instrument it dates back to the early 1800's, originating in the appalachian mountains of southwest virginia western europe had many kinds of fretted lap zithers from the norwegian langeleik, the swedish hummel, and the french epinette but it is. The graeco-roman dulcimer (sweet song) derives from the latin dulcis (sweet) and the greek melos (song) the dulcimer, in which the strings are beaten with small hammers, originated from the psaltery, in which the strings are plucked[1] according to encyclopadia britannica vol 11: the origin of the.

Photos and graphics of historical instruments from around the world | see more ideas about hammered dulcimer, music instruments and musical instruments santoor is a string musical instrument which is believed to have originated in the north-western corner of india, more specifically kashmir this is one of the most. Dulcimer definition, also called hammered dulcimer, hammer dulcimer a trapezoidal zither with metal strings that are struck with light hammers see more. This book offers the reader a discussion of the medieval origins of the dulcimer and its subsequent spread under many different names to other parts of the world drawing on articles the author has written in english as well as articles by specialists in their own languages, gifford explains the history and evolution of the.

More stuff there is lots more to find out about the world of dulcimers find out here where to start made in the uk with european species timber individually made instruments with no tropical hardwoods (unless otherwise specified - i may ocasionally have reclaimed timber) terms & conditions. Learn about the history of the dulcimer instrument in this free video lesson on how to play a dulcimer expert: tim van egmond contact: wwwtimvanegmond com. The origin of the instrument is uncertain, but tradition holds that it was invented in iran/persia roughly 5000 years ago the instrument was brought to europe from the middle east during the crusades, and similar instruments have spread around the world in spain a dulcimer-like instrument is depicted on a cathedral relief. Those tales are woven together in this complete and thorough book that reveals little-known facts about the dulcimer's origins on the early appalachian frontier and its design traditions instruments of the best-known makers are analyzed by the author, who is a leading authority on the history of the dulcimer included are.

History and origin of the mountain dulcimer / appalachian dulcimer the appalachian dulcimer or mountain dulcimer is a uniquely american addition to the fretted zither family a zither is any instrument featuring strings running across a body without a neck the name is a combination of greek's dulce (sweet) and latin's. Appalachian dulcimer traditions, second edition, by ralph lee smith - this is a first-hand report on the effort to enlarge our knowledge of the dulcimer's history through field work in appalachia, looking for old instruments and listening to the tales of old folks the book provides information on the dulcimer's origins and early.

The origin and history of the dulcimer

The hammered dulcimer probably originated in the middle east about 900 ad and is related to the much older psaltery it spread from there across north africa and was brought into europe by the spanish moors during the 12th century ad it is possible that hammered dulcimers were played even earlier than this in. The chinese yangqin is a type of hammered dulcimer that originated in persia the santur and santoor are found in the middle east and india, respectively the cimbalom, which is similar to the hammer dulcimer, has been used by serious composers in the twentieth century hungarian composer zoltán.

  • History and photos related to mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, autoharp, banjo, and folk music the mountain dulcimer is a beautiful instrument, both visually and in its sound although its this instrument has its origins in the region around persia and it the instrument mentioned in the bible at daniel 3:5 ( kjv.
  • The hills of kentucky dulcimer club is proud to entertain and educate people in our communities with the appalachian mountain dulcimer the word dulcimer is believed to have originated centuries ago it was derived from the greek word dulce (which means sweet) and the latin word melos (which means song.
  • Hammered dulcimer is a sringed instrument in which the strings are attached over a trapezoidal frame and the strings are beaten with small hammer(small spoon shaped) it had a distinctive name in each country like “santoor” which is originated i.

These musical instruments are played by plucking on the strings (traditionally with a quill) or by tapping on them (in the case of the hammer dulcimers) quotations ▽ the two classes of dulcimer are the mountain or appalachian dulcimer (plucked and played with a quill, usually a goose quill) and the hammered dulcimer. Variants of the dulcimer have been played across the northern hemisphere for centuries historians haven't pinned it down, but the origins seem to lie from ancient persia to eastern europe the persian name “santoor” is used in india as well, whereas in greece it is known as “santouri” in china the instrument is called. The dulcimer is an instrument that originated in the middle east and spread to europe in the 11th century it features a simple resonating box with strings stretched on top of it much like a piano, a small hammer is used to hit the strings, which is why the dulcimer is considered to be a direct ancestor of the piano the dulcimer. An instrument that's come to sound distinctly like the north carolina mountains claims a long history in faraway lands it has its origins in ancient greece and the near east, found its way to europe with returning crusaders as early as 900 ad, and was adapted to the dance repertoire of the british isles.

the origin and history of the dulcimer Because few historical records of the dulcimer exist, the origins of the instrument were open to speculation until recently when ralph lee smith and l alan smith reconstructed the instrument's history by analyzing older dulcimers the organological development of the dulcimer divides into three periods: transitional (1700.
The origin and history of the dulcimer
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